Synopsis: His Naughty Lessons

His kisses trailed up her thigh. “What does the main character say next?” He breathed in the sweet scent of her desire. “Write the next line for me, what should I say before I ravish you with my tongue and make you scream my name?”

Harper McKenzie, a newbie web novel author, has a problem — she struggles with romance scenes. As someone with almost nonexistent real-life experience in the matter, she can’t get the intimate chemistry right, and those chapters always come out dry and cringy.

Fortunately for her, Harper finds a freelance editor willing to workshop her writing. But the surprise? That editor turns out to be her childhood friend and the very first crush of her life.

What happens now when he offers her personal lessons on how to write the hottest romance scenes?

Sneak Peek:

Wet kisses peppered along her jaw. Harper shuddered as Eli feathered gentle pecks beneath her ear, down the side of her neck, along her collarbone, leaving a path of sizzling little fires dancing in his wake. His lips landed on a spot where her shoulder met her nape, and as he suckled the sensitive skin there, his hand traveled up to cup her breast, rolling the tip between two fingers.

She could barely smother the moan that threatened to tear out of her throat. The sensation was so sharp, like an electric bolt shooting through her body, sending tingles all the way down to her toes. She gasped for air, but then she forgot to breathe altogether as his other hand slipped between them, hooking the lacey fabric of her panty to the side and stroking her in a slow, heartstopping rhythm.

“This is when you get to enjoy what you feel, Harper.” His words were hot against her skin when she tried to swallow another trembling whimper. “No need to hide it. Let it all out.”

With that, his finger dipped into her.

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