Synopsis: How My Ex Became My Next

Married for three years, Gilda’s life remained untouched by the warmth of intimacy. That was until she survived a plane crash only to be faced with the chilling sight of her husband, Jensen Harrington, bonded over a pregnancy check-up with another woman at the hospital. The realization hit hard: she’d never been in Jensen’s heart and never been more than an empty title of Mrs. Harrington.

Just as she resolved to let go, a shocking twist of fate catapulted her into the role of the world’s wealthiest heiress. Embracing the power that came with her new identity, Gilda challenged her destiny. She vowed to become a formidable competitor to Harrington Group, making sure Jensen regretted treating her like an invisible presence.

But as Jensen witnessed Gilda’s transformation and her closeness with other men, a jealous streak took hold of him. He discovered an unexpected longing for her, intense and undeniable. As he attempted to rekindle their lost connection, Gilda, still nursing her wounds, trod cautiously around his newfound affections. Could Jensen win Gilda back? And would Gilda become a true leader after her exciting journey from heartbreak to strength?

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