Synopsis: Humanity’s Deadliest Villian Returns!

In a dystopian future where caped superheroes and villains fight for supremacy, there was me, Nightmare, the world’s deadliest man.

Nyx Blackthorn, code name: Nightmare, was forced to become humanity’s greatest bane after witnessing his father murdered before him and his little sister held hostage by the same people who claimed to be heroes. In his quest for vengeance, Nightmare died in the battle against humanity’s strongest hero, Torrin Blackstar!

Upon his return a century after his death, he found himself at the prestigious Hero Academy as a student and the wielder of the Villain Evolution System.

Armed with a God-grade system that rewards him for doing wicked deeds, Nyx vowed to annihilate all the heroes and finally free his little sister from captivity!

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