Synopsis: Hunting Immortals and Demons

Introduction 1: In this world, there exist immortals and demons.
Immortals plunder from Heaven and Earth while demons wreak havoc upon mortals. With the rise of immortals and demons, the world falls into chaos, with the common people barely surviving. People refer to these calamities as Immortal Disasters and Demon Misfortunes.
In the late period of the Da Chu Dynasty, the world was in disorder, with feudal princes battling each other and feudal lords ruling over their territories. Wars, demon misfortunes, and immortal disasters followed one after another, making the human world a living hell.
In this year, Lu Yan crossed into this world as the son of a refugee. One awakening to the truths of the Dao Book kindled hope in his once hopeless heart until he encountered a monstrous being with two human skulls…
Introduction 2: Eerie immortals and demons, uncommon martial arts – this is a story of an ordinary person transmigrating into another dimension, relying on a Dao Book to struggle for survival in a bizarre world.

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