Synopsis: I Am Tired Of Being A Hero

“Have you ever wished that a truck would hit you and you would transmigrate into a world filled with swords and magic? Perhaps you wished that you would be a hero, defeating the villains, protecting the land, and receiving all sorts of admiration and love from the people. I would give you one piece of advice. Perish that thought.” -Ravi West

Ravi West was a hero of indisputable esteem. As a Sentinel, he traveled the Realms, killing villains and saving entire civilizations. His job was everything to him. Until Luxor.

Luxor changed everything. Luxor changed him. Ravi was done. The tiredness etched into his bones. He laid down his mantle and vanished.

He chose the most boring planet in his memory for his retirement, except this Earth was not like the one he remembered- Nests, monsters, superheroes, and villains filled the streets but that was not his business. He has a plan, a quiet, uncaring life filled with wine, food, and books.

But the New Captain at the Bureau seemed to enjoy shattering all his carefully laid plans. He was the most annoying person Ravi had ever met, blonde hair, the most beautiful blue eyes, and a sunny smile, the righteous Arlen Sinclair constantly got involved in cases much bigger than him, dragging Ravi along into his Shenanigans.

And like that was not enough. His perfect, quiet(everyone thinks it is haunted) neighborhood suddenly welcomed new occupants. A base for the notorious villain organization, Axum was suddenly built opposite his house and the occupants decided to get to know their new neighbor. Climbing over his walls, shapeshifting into his favourite mug, hiding puzzles for him to find at work.

Well, isn’t that fun?

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