Synopsis: I Became a Wizard with a Quest Book!

After falling asleep while reading a novel, Valerius became the most pitiful side character of his most favorite novel.

This side character was talentless and had a massive death flag hanging over his head.

A month after his sixteenth birthday he will lose the most precious protection of his family and die on the streets tragically.

By the time Valerius transmigrated over, the side character was already 16 years old!

Only a month was left before his demise.

If he died, his soul would be captured and he would be revived as the puppet of the Necromancer and be forced to kill innocent for all of eternity or until he gets put down for good.

Such a tragic fate, will he be able to escape it?

Going against destiny. Changing fate. Step by step becoming overpowered. Fighting outer gods and hellish devils. The journey of a wizard starts from here!

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