Synopsis: I Become The Villainous Last Prince

“You don’t deserve it!”

Arryn Nash was killed by his own brother in the clash over the CEO of Nash Company. He died miserable until Goddess Lauriel, one of the Athalaris deities, gave him a second chance.

[Host has been identified!]
[Initiating Special Ability Selection]
[You Obtain Manipulation Ability]

Arryn woke up and realized he had transmigrated into a world of swords and magic. He became Quentin Reingard, the last prince of the Athalaris Kingdom, who was on the verge of death.

Unexpectedly, the person who planned the assassination was Quentin’s closest one in the royal family.

Using his manipulation powers, he is willing to avoid death and fight back until his ambition is fulfilled, becoming the King of Athalaris.

Can Quentin avoid his death and achieve his ambition?

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