Synopsis: I Just Want Outlive You, Don’t Force Me to Beat You to Death

Two wondrous fruits, one for immortality, the other for strength.
After swallowing them, Chu Ning traveled to another world to cultivate the path of immortality.
Within a thousand years, Chu Ning said, “Thanks to the wondrous fruit, praise the wondrous fruit, brother awesome.”
A thousand years later, Chu Ning reflected, “Thank oneself, praise oneself, the struggle is the most beautiful.”
In this other world, Chu Ning had three famous sayings:
The first, “Not driven by profit, one may miss some opportunities, but will never suffer a loss.”
Secondly, “longevity is just about living a life, so why not take life seriously from the beginning.”
Thirdly, “if you can get along, you can get along. If you can’t get along, you can negotiate. If you can’t negotiate, you should kill someone in the downwind of the wind, this way, the ashes can be scattered cleaner…”

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