Synopsis: I Might As Well Quit This Lousy Wizard Profession

Lin An’s life underwent a drastic change.
The basketball under his bed had turned into a bleeding head, which would hop next to his pillow and hum softly by his ear at midnight. The subway racing into the station had become a gigantic lizard, opening its gaping maw, waiting for him to line up and feed it.
The world was not as simple as he had imagined. Behind the bustle of the city, the Witch Hunter Knights roamed in search of evil wizards to slay.
The ordinary worker, Lin An, inadvertently became a member of the Antler Witch-Hunting Knight Order, shouldering the glorious mission to protect humanity.
He must be careful, careful, and then even more careful.
Careful not to reveal his true identity as a wizard.
“Why Hunt a Cowardly Innocent Wizard?!”

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