Synopsis: I Only Have Support Skills

The emergence of dungeons has reshaped the world. At the age of 16, individuals are bestowed with the ‘blessing’, which grants them skills to aid in conquering these dungeons.

Meet Dante, our protagonist, who initially joined from squad to squad as a support member and possessed only an F-rated skill potential.

Due to this limitation, Dante faced discrimination and endured bullying. However, driven by his determination to survive, he managed to obtain a system that would pave the way for his growth and newfound strength.

However, the system he acquired only reward him with support-related skills. Fortunately, these abilities can also be applied to himself.

Can he truly break free from always being at the receiving end?

Dante emerged from the shadows, reborn under a new alias, embodying the person he yearned to become. While the System bestowed upon him great advantages, it also presented him with perilous challenges he must confront.

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