Synopsis: I Thought You Were A Time-Limited Husband

Six months. Be sure to kill your husband within that time frame. At the order of her mother-in-law, she became the supporting role of a wife who kills her husband. Wow. handsome. A husband too handsome to poison. Alice couldn’t bring herself to poison him. She managed to avoid her mother-in-law from suspecting her by secretly using sacred power instead of poison.

Mother, I will be a priest as the former wife of the Duke! I will become a deaconess and pray for the Duke’s well-being for the rest of my life! But why did this happen? On the very day she tried to leave the Duke, the unconscious duke, her husband, woke up. You were the one who pulled me out of the darkness, so take responsibility. I saved a drowning person, and he had the nerve to give me a bundle.

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