Synopsis: I’ll be back to revenge

“DIDN’T I ALREADY TOLD YOU, THAT YOU DON’T HURT MY GIRLFRIEND JELLA?!” My husband shouted in front of me, so I bowed down. “I-I’m sorry because he-” I couldn’t finish what I was going to say when he cut me off. “F*CK THAT NONSENSE AND ST*PID EXPLANATION OF YOURS?! CAN YOU STOP THAT?! YOU’RE JUST MY WIFE ON PAPER?! SO YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO HURT MY GIRLFRIEND” He shouted angrily. He is right, I’m just his wife on paper, what else can I expect. “Tsk, sign the divorce papers now!” He pronounced it so strongly and placed the envelope in front of me that I was very surprised. “W-what?” I can’t believe my behavior. “Are you deaf, sign the papers NOW!” He shouted angrily, so my tears started to fall. Shaking, I took the ballpen and signed the divorce papers. After I signed it, he immediately grabbed it from me and immediately left in front of me with the person he loves or should I say my sister. I stroked my stomach slowly, ‘Don’t worry baby, mommy’s gonna take care of you, and I’ll make sure he’ll regret what he did’.

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