Synopsis: I’m About to Bankrupt My Way to Entertainment Supremo

Get ready for a wild ride of humour, contrasts, and laid-back entertainment like you’ve never seen before!
Xplendi Entertainment, a company that barely made it past its early years, went from the brink of bankruptcy to becoming a powerhouse in the entertainment industry. It boasts a star-studded lineup of top-tier streamers, a constellation of original music stars, and more award-winning actors and actresses than you can count.

As the mastermind behind it all, Yang RuoQian naturally becomes the enigmatic kingpin behind the scenes of this showbiz extravaganza.
“Mr. Yang, can you share your secret to success?”
Yang Ruoqian, rubbing his temples, responds, “Is it possible that I never even thought they could become famous…?”
“I initially just wanted to chillax and loss some money, you know.”

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