Synopsis: I’m in Middle Earth: Going to Kill a Dragon at the Beginning

When he woke up, Carl found that he had traveled to Middle-earth.

There are not only elves, humans, dwarves, and hobbits with unique civilizations and tribes.

There are also Orcs, Wargs, Mammoths, Undead, Ice Dragons, Smaug, Balrogs, Demon Lord Sauron, and even the supreme gods.

Just when Carl was about to cry without tears for the wars and battles to come in this dangerous Middle-earth world, he found that he had…

So, in this Middle-earth continent, the reputation of a ranger began to spread…

Middle-earth people: “That person is a legend…”

Gandalf: “The legend of the fart, the most greedy and shameless person this old man has ever seen is Carl.”

Elf Queen: “Well…it’s hard to say…”

Elrond: “That beast kidnapped my daughter!”

Nine Nazgul: “Carl, he’s a devil.”

Sauron: “I shouldn’t mess with him!…”

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