Synopsis: Immortal Odyssey: My Family Is Invincible


When Xu Qianghua opened his eyes, he found out that he was reborn back in time before the game Immortal Odyssey: Paths of Destiny merged with his world.

With only a few items left with him, Xu Qianghua is stunned and unhappy because he had a good life and was not like those who either betrayed or died to some really powerful monster.

Until he saw the introduction of them:

Family Token (Chaos): A small world with Immortal veins and high-level spirit crystal mines….

Key of the Ancients(Chaos): A mini-world with infinite monsters and riches to collect….

While Xu Qianghua also deals with his wives

Xu Qianghua: Mother-in-law this is wrong
Sister Meiying: This is not wrong, I need to check if my daughter can be satisfied.
The jumps on Xu Qianghua

After a few hours

Liu Anwei: Brother Qiang, what were you talking with my mom about?
Xu Qianghua: Nothing, your mother wanted you to have a new sibling, so she asked for my help
Liu Anwei: What?

Read as Xu Qianghua and his now new try again with a different path from his past life which might lead them to ruin or become the strongest family out there.

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