Synopsis: In my twilight years of cultivating, I became a Supreme Daoist of the Longevity Path

Pure Immortal Heroic Fantasy, infused with both immortal intent and gallant spirit, refining insights on human relationships, seeking immortality, more than thirty thousand reservations, averaging nine thousand
Forever reminiscing rivers and lakes under silvery hair, desiring to return to the cosmos in a simple boat.
Peach and plum blossoms in the spring breeze, a cup of wine; rivers and lakes in the night rain, a lantern for ten years.
Chen Dengming stepped into the chaotic world of rivers and lakes, only reaching the Innate Realm in his twilight, but Innate Martial Arts wasn’t the ultimate destination of his heart’s rivers and lakes, it was to cultivate for longevity that marked the beginning of his dreams.
If practicing Kung Fu can prolong life, then cultivating the Dao can certainly point directly to immortality.
Practicing martial arts, refining Gu, cultivating Dao, seeking longevity… This is a story about an ordinary traveler stepping into rivers and lakes, into the World of True Cultivation, seeking the path to immortality one step at a time.
Read about cultivation in the twilight years, savor the vigorous life! Young reader, you truly understand cultivation!
…This book was formerly titled “Late Bloomer: My Immortal Life”!
(The author has previously completed a nearly five million word, eighty thousand high reservation three-star martial arts masterpiece, “Indestructible Mighty Fortress Leader,” rest assured and enjoy)

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