A growl escaped his throat as my robe fell and pooled at my feet. I was completely naked. I saw his eyes dilating. He wanted me. That was all that mattered. A seductive smile curled on my lips, hiding the nervousness I felt. “I’m all yours, Alpha…” “Get dressed! And get out!” His breathing hitched as his gaze swept all over my naked form. I walked towards him, biting my lower lip as I reached for his shirt, unbuttoning it while ignoring his anger. He would have pushed me away if he didn’t want this, but instead, he moved swiftly and pinned me against the wall. “Is this what you want?” His said hoarsely. His breath brushed against my neck, sending pleasurable tingles between my thighs as he pressed his front against mine. I stared back at him, letting my eyes show the emotions I had kept hidden all these years. “I want you, Caspian.” ***** In a world where Alpha Females are pawns for the Claiming, being an Omega Female is considered a blessing. Andrea was born and raised as an Omega. She had the freedom to choose whether to be claimed by her mate or be someone’s chosen. And so she thought, until the reality of her past came hunting her.  Alpha Caspian knew from the very beginning that he wanted Andrea, whether they were fated mates or not. But by the time he was ready to make amends for sending her away when she was 15, a secret from her past had resurfaced.  Would he let her go this time? Or was she worth fighting for? ***** A spin-off novel from the Black Shadow Pack Series. While the story is stand-alone, I recommend that you read the Black Shadow Pack Series to gain a better understanding of the characters.

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