Synopsis: Invincible Divine Destiny Selection System

In the midst of swirling possibilities, a question lingered in the air like an unspoken promise: “If you were given the chance to reset the beginning, what path would you tread?”

Option One: To revel in the simple joys of life, finding solace in the embrace of solitude, for the paper-thin figure is the epitome of true love.

Option Two: To journey into the realm of cultivation, seeking the secrets of immortality, striving to become a legendary sword immortal.

Option Three: To immerse oneself in the world of martial arts, carving out a path as an unparalleled grandmaster, destined to reign supreme over all sects.

Option Four: To traverse the realms of fantasy, experiencing rebirth as a formidable entity, ascending once more to the pinnacle as a divine sovereign.

Option Five: To venture into the dark realms, mastering the arts of sorcery as the esteemed leader of the demonic sect.

Option Six: To ascend the throne and rule over all, commanding an empire in the realm of fantasy, for in the divine dynasty, the desire to reign as emperor burns brightest.

Amidst this array of choices, Chu Yuan declared with unwavering determination, “I crave the throne. I shall be emperor.”

Yet, the system interjected, its digital voice tinged with skepticism, “Is it not preferable to live a simple life as a recluse?”

“Is it not preferable to be emperor?” Chu Yuan retorted, his resolve unyielding.

Silence greeted his response, an acknowledgment of his unwavering determination.

“Congratulations, host, on selecting Option Six: to reign over all, in the divine dynasty of the supreme emperor.”

[Divine Destiny Selection System is launching…]

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