Synopsis: Joyful Motherhood in a Rural Family

Si Si transmigrated back in time to a rural family.

The moment she opened her eyes, she had become a mother with two children.

‘Hey, why do you still want more children when we barely have enough silver and land? Both kids are crying for milk, and I’m rolling up my sleeves to do the work.’

People who transmigrated usually had so many benefits. Why did she have to start from scratch and rely on herself?

The older man patted his chest, smiling honestly, “Little kitty, I’ll leave everything at home to you, and if the sky falls outside, I’ll hold it up.”

She raised a disdainful eyebrow, “Mister, are you planning to confine me to the backyard?”

When the mighty man clashes with the gentle yet determined woman, who would win and who would lose?

Let’s find out!

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