Synopsis: Just call me Thor

The abyss has breached the real world, placing humanity in grave peril as the shadow of death looms over every individual. Only the Supreme Being can lead humanity to ultimate victory. For too long, humanity has awaited the arrival of the fourth Supreme Being!

To become a Supreme Being, one must possess the highest level of talent. An “SSS-tier” talent, representing the pinnacle of power, is capable of advancing an entire era. Finally, a hundred years later, a young man named Mike awakened to an SSS-tier talent called the “Eyes of Truth.”

These eyes can reveal hidden information and entries of anything, while also providing some bizarre hints. With the help of his SSS-tier talent, Mike, adopting the alias Thor in the Tower of Truth, continued to create miracles for humanity.

As a newly risen Supreme Being, Mike had to conceal his identity before he fully matured. Thus, everyone considered him just an ordinary student, and no one knew that Mike was the legendary Thor. It wasn’t until many years later, after humanity had defeated the invaders and restored order, that Mike could finally proudly say to those around him, “Just call me Thor.”

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