Synopsis: KID

My panic grows and I begin to struggle with him, “Stop! William gets off me, you don’t know what you are doing.” He pushes me harder against the bed, “Would you feel better if it was your British boy doing this to you?” He slurs as his hands come to touch my face. I throw my face away from his touch and I see him clench his teeth from the corner of my eyes. “You don’t want me anymore?” I glare at him, “Not like this I don’t. Get off me!” I say, pushing him off but he traps my hands and holds them above my head. “Stop fighting me!” He snaps, “this, this is what you want!” “No, it’s not!” I exclaim, kicking my legs which are slowly growing numb from his weight against him. He raises a brow, “You love me right?” I grit my teeth at his tricky question; if I say yes, then he’ll want me to want this and if I say no, that would be a lie. “Yes, but not like this!” I answer in frustration. He moves to settle properly, on my legs, “Well I think you should get to know every side of me; including this side.” He sneers into my ears left ear, licking my face. His hand unfastens his belt and unzips his trousers and shoves it down. Karen thought telling William how she felt about him would make things better between then, little did she know it would be the exact opposite.

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