Synopsis: Killing God: Wrath of the First Nephilim

Luke’s serene existence in a remote village on the fringes of the Nexaria Empire is abruptly shattered when demonic beasts assail his home, leaving devastation in their wake. Escaping the onslaught, he tragically witnesses the annihilation of his family, leaving him alone in a world marred by chaos.

Captured by the empire’s forces instead of receiving the refuge he sought, Luke becomes a subject of their experimental machinations, subjected to a fusion of demonic and angelic genetic alterations. Considered a failed venture, he was cast aside, left to die by the very power that was meant to save him.

Fate, however, had different plans for Luke. The experiment turned out to be a success, creating the first Nephilim whose wraith will be unleashed on the Nexaria empire— a mechanical empire fueled by science and technology, which was currently at war with the Arcanoria empire, a realm steeped in magical prowess and ancient mysticism.

Unbeknownst to both empires, the supreme being, God, has descended into madness—a harrowing omen signaling the imminent demise of the universe itself. In a shocking revelation, it becomes clear that the salvation of existence hinges upon the unthinkable: Killing God.

Luke, now a product of both angelic and demonic forces, finds himself at the center of an unfathomable prophecy—a prophecy dictating that only through the death of a mad god can balance be restored to the cosmos. Luke realizes that his destiny is intertwined with the cosmic fate of all existence.

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