Synopsis: Konstantin: The Heartless Beta

As a scentless half-human/half-werewolf, Lily Vega always expected abuse, violence and bloodshed – the norm for her step-brother’s pack of Lycans. Given to the BloodCrest Pack as a gift to cement the bond between New York and Las Vegas, she didn’t expect to become second in command to the Heartless Beta, Konstantin Volkov. And she didn’t expect to fall in love with him either. Konstantin never cared for love or finding his mate as the Beta to the Alpha God. Who needs a mate when you have a pack to protect? However, everything seemed to fall into place when Lily stepped into his life. She was his second in command and the best damn fighter he’d ever met – until she decided to leave his side when she apparently finds her mate. After a misunderstanding, which culminates in a steamy encounter with Konstantin, Lily leaves his side, never to return. What will Konstantin do once he finds out Lily is truly his mate and pregnant with his prophesied firstborn… and that she’s being held prisoner by a creature even older than the Werewolf God Xamnir?

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