Synopsis: Love Conspiracy: The Pretentious Prince Is a Trickster

Charlotte Cooper, the top socialite in the entertainment industry rumored to have slept with all of the major investors, becomes a hot topic once again because of a photo with the heir of Feng Enterprise!
The online hate messages for being a home-wrecker are everywhere!
In response, Charlotte says: You may insult my looks, but you can’t insult my taste.
Unexpectedly, within three minutes, the heir of Feng Enterprise shows their marriage certificate, wedding photos, and rings, then directly tags her, asking for wifely acknowledgment!!!
For a moment,
The media is dumbfounded,
The haters who were demanding the beauty queen stay away from their male idols are dumbfounded,
Even Charlotte herself is dumbfounded!
Faced with the swarms of media, she just wants to consult a master to see if her husband, who had been ignoring her for three years, has been possessed by something!

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