“Is this just a game to you?” Aaron’s eyes were blazing with fire. He was attempting to keep his wolf under control. I should’ve been terrified, but I wasn’t. “You tell me…” I smacked my lips together, pretending his anger didn’t bother me at all. “You’re confusing me.” A growl revibrated from his chest, as his hands coiled into fists. He was ready to walk away when I held my palm against his chest. His eyes delved deep into mine and I could see his desire growing.  “You can have any female you want, and yet here you are, chasing after me when you know exactly that I don’t like you.” My finger trailed down from his nose to his mouth, brushing his soft lips gently. “Am I a challenge you’re trying to win? Because you know I am someone you can’t have? Off-limits? Your Alpha’s sister?” I could feel his body reacting to my touch, and it was all I ever wanted.  I wanted him to fall hard for me. In the same way that I was falling for him. ***** Book 3 of the Black Shadow Pack Series – While the story is stand-alone, I highly recommend that you read the first and second books in the series to gain a better understanding of the characters and the concept of The Claiming. Book 1 – HE’S MY ALPHA (Completed) Book 2 – THE BETA IS MINE (Completed) Book 3 – LOVING THE GAMMA (Completed) Spin-Off Book 1 – IN THE ARMS OF MY ALPHA (Completed) Spin-Off Book 2 – THROUGH THE EYES OF MY ALPHA (Completed) Spin-Off Book 3 – STEALING THE HEART OF MY ALPHA (Completed)

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