Synopsis: Lucky Girl With Her CEO Husband

Everyone in Yunzhou City knew that no one would like to marry Su Ziyue, the notorious second lady of the Su Clan. Therefore, she had to try her best to find someone to marry her all by herself. But when she finally succeeded, her husband was, sadly, a man with nothing, no property, no car, not to mention any savings; it would be a too embarrassing topic to talk about. Yet out of everyone’s expectation, all of a sudden, her husband turned out to be the CEO of L. K Group, a famous European financial tycoon and an absolute big shot with great fortune and power. Su Ziyue was totally shocked by this. “Didn’t you say you have no house?” “I don’t have one in Yunzhou City.” “You said your car was borrowed!” “Oh, later I had given it to a man who worked for me.” She got so angry, “You liar! I want to divorce you!” Qin Muchen squinted his eyes as he threatened, “How dare you be irresponsible…” Su Ziyue immediately yielded, “No, …I dare not.”…

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