Synopsis: Lycan King

“Your mate was the last piece to the puzzle. I sent my men there to kill her while you were busy fighting with the alphas. I knew once she was dead you would be blinded by rage throwing off those sharp scenes of yours, leading you right into my trap. I may not be strong enough to kill you… yet, but this silver box is strong enough to lock you away forever. Maybe the others are okay with bowing down to you, but I bow down to no one! I’m the alpha of alphas!! I’m the new king, I’m the alpha king!” He growls out from the other side of this silver box.I let out a loud roar causing Tim to back away from me covering his ears. “I’m going to kill all of you!!!” I roar out as I start to claw and punch the wall of the silver box, trying to get out. Betrayed by the wolves. They took everything away from him. His mate, family, and friends. They locked him away inside a silver box to live out the rest of his days. All he wants is to make them pay, but once he’s finally get free he’s in for a big surprise.

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