Synopsis: Mafia Men: Nikolai’s Inferno

And the sweetest little angel couldn’t keep her eyes off the devil. The strong, powerful, and ruthless Nikolai Costello ruled over the kingdom of the dark world he was born into, what he wasn’t supposed to do is to fall in love with someone so different from his world while he was betrothed to someone else. He was never supposed to fall in love with someone as sweet and innocent as Evangeline Bolton. Evangeline Bolton has spent her entire life in a single room locked away from the world. Her world was filled with books and movies as it was her window to the outside world. From a very young age, she was told that the world out there was filled with big bad wolves who were ready to tear her apart if she walked out. But what happens when one day, Evangeline’s parents get brutally murdered leaving her alone at the mercy of Nikolai “The Devil” Costello, the most feared man in the entire country?

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