Synopsis: Marked by the Alpha

As the bastard daughter of the Beta, Layla Fabrini has always known her place in the Sanguis Pack. She is used to flying under the radar, but all of that changes when she discovers her fiancé’s betrayal with her half-sister. Suddenly, Layla becomes the target of cruel bullying and vicious attacks that almost cost her her life, until the pack’s enigmatic Alpha, Hector, steps in to save her.…My mouth filled with saliva, moistening, and I felt the air around us go taut with a specific type of tension that always found its way into all of our encounters.Not trusting myself to use words, I nodded in answer to his question and a dangerous glimmer lit up his eyes, causing the hairs at the nape of my neck to stand up in warning.“Prove it, then,” he told me, and I blinked.“Excuse me?”“Prove that you mean it when you say you will submit to every command I give you.”

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