Synopsis: Marrying Mr. Ill-Tempered

Hannah Campbell had no luck when it came to love. When her husband won a million dollars in the lottery, he divorced her immediately for his lover. Heartbroken, Hannah went home to lick her wounds, only to be told by her parents that she had to marry in her sister’s stead. For the sake of her family, she had no choice but to do as she was told.

Anthony Turner needed no luck at all. He saw through his new wife’s ploy from the very start. Convinced that Hannah was nothing but a money grabber, he deliberately went out of the way to make things difficult for her. Still, there were times when he found himself drawn to her. Hannah soon realized that marrying into the Turner family was no easy task.

She had to convince Anthony to let her stay, and she had to deal with the strange behaviors of his family. Worst of all, Hannah realized she was pregnant from a one-time fling with a stranger. With such an unlucky start to a marriage, could Hannah turn her marriage around and get second time lucky?

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