Synopsis: Mated to my Ex’s Lycan King Dad

“First ever She-Alpha divorced by a cheating husband, almost had a one-night stand with her ex’s dad, the Lycan King! Can it get more dramatic?”Grace’s world was turned upside down when her mate chose another, shattering their bond and marking her as the first divorced She-Alpha in werewolf history. Now, she navigates the rough tides of single life, nearly landing in the arms of her ex-husband’s dad, the handsome and enigmatic Lycan King, on her 30th birthday!Imagine this: a relaxed lunch with the Lycan King interrupted by her scornful ex flaunting his new mate. His snide words still echo, “We’re not getting back together even if you beg my father to talk to me.”Buckle up for a wild ride as the Lycan King, steely and furious, retorts, “Son. Come meet your mom.” Intrigue. Drama. Passion. Grace’s journey has it all. Can she rise above her trials and find her path to love and acceptance in this thrilling saga of a woman redefining her destiny?

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