Synopsis: Mechanic Cultivator: Damn! His and Her Souls Got Swapped?!

Two souls from different worlds met in a weird twist of fate.

An antisocial male mechanic walks the path of solitude while aiming to become the top designer of giant robots of mass destruction, Doppels. However, the jealousy of his surroundings caused an unfortunate “accident,” leading him to the brink of death.

An evil female cultivator sets out on a path of revenge after getting betrayed by the whole world. However, she was given a chance to redo her life once again from the moment she started her journey.

Both souls wandered around a pure white space and met a mysterious system before entering their bodies… But the wrong one?!

Female cultivator in the mechanic’s body: “Where did my cultivation go?!”

Male mechanic in the cultivator’s body: “Where did these melons come from?!”

Follow the unfortunate love (?) story of the two, who were literally worlds apart, as it unfolds!

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