Synopsis: MHA Quirk: Calling Critters

Nothing much just a fanfic AU where midoria has a quirk however his quirk is that he could summon and revive the dead smiling critters from poppy playtime.

First time writing this fanfic so hope you got some advice for me to improve my writing and do not read my second fanfic I publish.

( kinda regret writing mha: magical bulleta )

List of things that are in my fanfic.

– Obviously no harem ( No offense I’m a bit sick of harem’s. It’s fine if the harem from a novel or fanfic is a bit unique and has good character’s to root for. it’s not fine if the harem is the same generic one’s I read that treats woman like objects and fuck toys that the mc are oblivious too notice )

– No systems ( Don’t get me wrong I like reading good systems it’s just they kinda steal the fun in writing for me since if a character wanted answers the systems just give it to them without that character commiting much action to get it than just speaking it or typing it in there minds )

– Added power’s ( I made sure that the smiling critters will have an edge when they transmigrate in mha. Cuteness ain’t the only weapon they’ll have )

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