Synopsis: Miss CEO’s Bodyguard

Louisa Tomkins, CEO of company Tomkins House. She is the most successful businesswomen in town. At the age of 22, Louisa lost her parents which made her cold and untouchable. With that, she has led the company to another peak. Louisa is the kind of woman you would never imagine to get married, or hell to even fall in love with. Then everything changed when she met Henry Stiles, the cheerful, always smiling bodyguard. Henry entered her life like sunlight shining into dark shadows, and brought Louisa into a life she never imagined before. However, while she’s busy enjoying fall in love, the biggest dark secret in Louisa’s life is waiting to haunt her. Will Louisa keep Henry forever with her? Or will Henry let Louisa go? Figure out in Miss CEO’s Bodyguard.

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