Synopsis: MMORPG: I was BUGGED

“Guildbane: Battle for Domination,” the virtual MMORPG that has taken the world by storm, players enter a realm where guilds vie for ultimate supremacy.

Set four years before Xin awakens from a coma, the game has undergone significant changes and evolved into a battleground for strategic guild warfare. With immersive gameplay, intense player-versus-player combat, and a focus on guild clashes, players must navigate a dynamic world where alliances are forged, rivalries are kindled, and the ultimate goal is to dominate the game’s virtual landscape.

[CONGRATULATIONS! You’re the LAST player in your generation to enter this game at the exact time of our anniversary date!]

You don’t have to rub it on me. Xin muttered. He was keenly aware that his peers left him behind.

[You received a GIFT!]

Xin was baffled. Maybe because it was his birthday, or it was an anniversary thing?

Opening the gift, his avatar glowed, but he didn’t feel like anything had changed.

He opened his stat box.

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