Synopsis: Modern Cultivation : The Strongest Couple Bonded by Vampire System

What is this story about?

It’s a fun story that follow two protagonist.

Alex comes from a modern world with more advanced technology. In this world, people with superpowers also exist. They are called awakeners. He is second-generation rich; after graduating from college, he just spends all his time as a whale in an online game or reading novels from his phone.

Mingyue comes from a cultivator world filled with heaven’s chosen and stuck-up young master. Since people here only focused on cultivation, the technology is quite backward. She is a prodigy jade bauty that got pushed by her rival into the space crack.

By coincidence both them than got the Vampire Progenitor blood.

The host for Adam and Eve to resurrect the vampire race has been found…

Reading both world information…

Looking for the best way to link both worlds and make both hosts stronger to be reborn as the primogenitor….

Updating Completed,

Welcome Alex Campbell, & Mingyue Xueqi to the Vampire System.

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