Synopsis: Mommy is precious, My Billionaire Daddy

Jessica Lawrence was the most devoted child before her father wed his secretary in the wake of her mother’s death, Jessica’s life slowly turned 365 degrees after her stepsister drugged her and her father sent her to Poland, severing all ties with her. That one-night stand caused her to become pregnant, giving birth to Cornell who was a brilliant child. But the man Jessica spent the night with was a well-known business tycoon and a sophisticated Billionaire Liam Grey. Liam Grey intended to find her but mistook Jessica’s step-sister for her. Jessica’s destiny worked overtime to ensure that she was with Liam when she returned with her son after seven years. “My sweetheart, you are mine. And you are powerless to stop me from touching you,” Liam Grey spoke huskily. When his son suddenly barged in, “Daddy, Mommy is precious. You can’t hurt her.” “Your mommy is my life. How can I hurt my life? And stop hogging her time. You’ve had your mother’s love for seven years. It’s now my turn to monopolize her affection.” “Urgh! You two are annoying!” Pouted Jessica left the room.

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