Synopsis: Mommy, Is The CEO Our Daddy? The Return Of The Ex-Wife

“Mommy!” Xander and Bella squealed in unison, running towards her with David trailing behind. “Look, we found Daddy!” “I was here to pick up a client when I bumped into the children,” David explained, still attempting to comprehend the striking similarity. “They mistook me for their father.” The kids eyed David curiously, their innocent gazes measuring him up and down. Xander tilted his head, a hint of determination in his eyes. “Are you really sure you’re not our daddy?” he asked sweetly. David couldn’t help but smile at the children’s persistence. “I’m quite sure, little one,” he replied gently. Bella chimed in, her big eyes filled with curiosity. “But are you sure you didn’t meet our mommy years ago? Maybe you just forgot?” In the wake of betrayal and divorce, Kate Hendricks discovers she’s pregnant and learns of her true identity as Sienna. Reunited with her long-lost family, she rebuilds her life and becomes a powerful CEO. Returning to her home country under a veil of secrecy, Sienna is confronted by her past and driven by a desire for revenge. Alongside her mischievous genius twins, Sienna must navigate love, deception, and forgiveness. Can she find a way to heal her broken heart and embrace a future filled with hope and love?

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