Synopsis: Mr. CEO, I Came Back To Love You

Charlotte’s husband has become the CEO of Strauss Asset Investments. Only good things can happen, right? Well, that’s what she thought. On the same night, she caught her husband cheating on her with her best friend. The following day, she was wrongfully accused of her grandparents’ death, leading to her unjust imprisonment. The two people she loved disposed of her like she was nothing but trash. Not only that, they took everything from her! Her last days of comfort came from a man whose love she had rejected in the past. Because of his help, she wanted to live again, but it was too late… or so she thought. In an unexpected twist, the wheel of fate turned in her favor, and Charlotte was given a second chance. This time, she will protect her grandparents and make her enemies pay! More importantly, this time, she swore to love Mister Wright. *** “I want to marry you, Liam,” Charlotte said to the man who had secretly loved her for years. Liam’s lips rounded. He asked, “Do I have a say in this matter?” “You don’t want to?” Charlotte asked back. “I – didn’t – say that,” he replied. When the man finally agreed to marry her, she said, “Thank you, Liam. I promise you, this time around, I will love you.”

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