Synopsis: Mr. CEO, Marry Me On Conditions [The CEO’s Replaced Bride]

“You’re not a victim, Ivanna. Nor am I a culprit,” he hisses. “Let’s do the business properly” I ogle at him, sniffing in wrath, anger burning inside me. He only knows the business. Ivanna left her favourite city Texas to reunite with her family that she could never accept. With a vow to be a good daughter to her father and stepmother, Ivanna reached her city Dallas on her stepsister Irene’s wedding, only to find out that she would be replacing Irene as a Bride. Her vow to be a good daughter turned out to be the worst decision of her life when she felt manipulated by her father. However, Ivanna was not a damsel in distress type of girl. She sent a message to the suitor, Christian Scott, the most eligible bachelor and the most powerful business tycoon of the city, placing the three most smart conditions to marry her. She thought that he would turn such conditions down and leave the thought of marrying her. But Ivanna’s life turned upside down as he accepted all her conditions, completely determined to make her his and make her aware of the most crucial truths of her life.

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