Synopsis: Mr. CEO, Please Marry My Mommy

Cheated and humiliated by her husband, the heiress Dahlia’s life is turned upside down. In a burst of anger she vows to prove to the world she doesn’t need anyone. An unplanned kiss with Dane, a young upcoming businessman who has secrets of his own; opens the doors to new possibilities and makes them join hands. What will happen when the two realise they have far more in common then they ever thought? When lies are uncovered and secrets are spilt, will their budding love blossom? Or will this world of danger, desire and deceit tear them apart? —– “Are you naturally clumsy, Ms El Nazari, or do you just need an excuse to fall into my arms?” I frowned pushing him away, trying not to pay attention to how firm and toned his body was. “You can carry on wishing Mr Altaire,” I said haughtily, stepping closer I patted his cheek. “I don’t do younger men.” —– I’ll close my eyes, Mama. So you can kiss Uncle!” Aria’s words made my eyes widen in shock. “We aren’t kissing!” I said, quickly rushing off to find a bowl for the beans. I didn’t miss Dane’s smirk as Aria’s eyes became shadowed. Her cheerful mood from moments earlier vanished as she looked down at her shoes. “But I want uncle to be my daddy.”

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