Synopsis: Mr CEO’s Triplets Mom

A one-night stand with a stranger brought Ashley to her downfall. Being betrayed by her step-sister and her boyfriend on her birthday, Ashley took on an impulsive action to sleep with a stranger. Which unfortunately got her pregnant. To add to her sorrow, her step-sister and her 5 years boyfriend were getting engaged. Thrown out from her home by her father and stepmother, Ashley thought she would struggle to carter for her baby. Until she met a man who took her under his wings and protected her. But the man always wears a mask in other for Ashley not to recognize who he is. Not having anywhere to go. Families and friends turned their back on her. Life was hard for Ashley. But she was still determined to move forward with the unknown man. Ashley was overwhelmed by the unknown person’s care toward her. Without having any idea, the unknown person is no other person than David Westwood. The CEO of DWC, the multi-billionaire, and the same person who got her pregnant. What will Ashley do with her triplets? What will Ashley do when she finds the man who got her pregnant? Will Ashley forgive him and forget her past? Will there ever be love between them? Read more to find out!!

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