Synopsis: Mr President’s Substitute Wife

When Sophia Anderson flees her own wedding, her sister Willow is unexpectedly thrust into the role of her substitute bride, turning Willow’s already tumultuous life into a waking nightmare.

Three years later, Sophia reemerges, supported by the family, to reclaim her position as Alejandro’s wife, leaving Willow cast aside and forgotten.

“What about the night we shared? Didn’t it mean anything to you?” Willow asked, her voice shaky, terrified of his response and yet knew his response will finalize it all.

Alejandro scoffed, eyebrows raised like he couldn’t believe his ears. “The night we shared was utterly insignificant, Willow. It meant nothing to me. Don’t delude yourself into thinking it held any importance.” He spat out without hesitation.

Alejandro looks at her dead in the eye, “Sign the divorce papers, Willow and leave. I don’t ever want to see your face around here anymore.”

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