Synopsis: My Blood Legacy: Reincarnated as a Vampire

“My Blood Legacy: Reincarnated as a Vampire” is a fantasy work that delves into the complexities of a world divided by history and power during the emergence of a New Era. Following the historic event of the Bloody Holy War, a war instigated by the manipulation of a Fallen God, the story follows Dante’s journey. He is a young man who was reincarnated as an orphan and soon adopted by the Strongest Vampire Alive. He doesn’t yet know what awaits him, but throughout his journey, he will face all sorts of enemies during the rise of the New Era, prophesied as “The Era of Stars,” where incredible beings with power will dominate everything within their reach. An era akin to a frenetic flame of madness that will ignite the hearts of the young to the very ends of the stars.

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