Synopsis: My Ex-Wife Gave Birth To Quintuplets

The day that was supposed to be her happiest turned out to be her worst nightmare. The man that she had dedicated her life to, turned out to the complete opposite of her expectation.On the eve of her wedding day, she learned that she was just a pawn in the man’s game of raising to power. The man she had been proud to call her future husband did not love her one bit. She was supposed to smile and pretend that everything was okay when in real sense, her heart was bleeding to the extent that she could not breath. Having been framed by her husband’s mistress for killing her unborn child, Ella was forced to leave the city or face life imprisonment. But after starting her life over, she realized that she was pregnant, because on their wedding night, the man who hated her had actually gone to her room and made love to her. Five years, Ella returns with her five babies, ready to take on the world. But she never imagined that her little babies had a mission of their own, until a a man she thought she would never seen again stood in front of her and said; “Thank you for the cute babies darling, now, will you marry me?”

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