Synopsis: My fiance’s Brother

As the youngest daughter of Yoke family, Evangeline can only marry to Bishop family. Her father deeply loved his elder daughter Rose, who is born to his late wife. Evangeline’s mother is just a convenience to her father, even her mother thinks highly of her elder sister Rose more than her. Never got the love of both of her parents, Evangeline was promised to Jake Bishop, who is nothing but a womanizer and lives off of the money earned by his stepbrother, the type she least wants to be involved with. Damien is the elder son of the most powerful family in the werewolf world. As the next in line to take over the Bishop empire, he is 29 and already promised to marry Rose. But one night changed their lives forever. Evangeline unexpectedly slept with Damien and gave him her virginity. Slowly Damien begins to be attracted to Evangeline more than he should.  What will happen if Evangeline finds out that Damien is none other than her would-be brother-in-law? Will she bend down to her father’s demands and marry Jake? Can Damien let her go? Can this forbidden couple have a happy ending?

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