Synopsis: My life in the martial arts world is too lewd

It has been a year since Li Qinghou traveled to this world, and he has been a disciple of Zixia Sect for almost a year.
Li Qinghou’s soul traveled through time and was born in Niujia Village at the foot of Wanxia Mountain. His parents are both dead, he has a sister and a house, and his sister is a good sister.
This is a story about the corruption of a small cult with 12-13 members. A daily life of corruption.
This is a novel that includes all kinds of genres, but if you don’t like NTR and you have a habit of putting yourself in MC’s place, don’t read this novel. (Of course, all the characters in the story are happy)
Also, my English is terrible, but even 10 people enjoy this novel, I am happy…

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