Synopsis: My Name Is Sabrina (Cursed By Love)

“Those who prepare for death do not die”

The scene in the lobby of Tyme Magazine was intense. Sabrina could feel the eyes on her as she found herself in the embarrassing moment with the CEO, Vincent Maraj.

Just when she prepared herself to apologise, she heard him say.

“Next time, if you have any questions about me, come and ask me yourself.”
Sabrina’s breath was caught up and her face became red.

Vincent looked at Sabrina’s cute face and let out a chuckle before walking away.

She would never have guessed that she was already in the trap he had set up for her.

Sabrina Van grew up believing that her family was cursed. Her parents died before reached the age of thirty and her elder brother also died before his thirtieth birthday.

Walking around with an invisible time bomb on her right wrist, Sabrina knew her time was getting closer the moment she celebrated her 28th birthday.

Sabrina was a dubbing actress, beauty and smart. At the age of 28, she had achieved a lot that made others envious of her.

One day, while hunting for a graveyard for herself, she stumbled upon a man. A man who had the power to stop the time bomb in her wrist from working.
Sabrina believed that, as soon as she kept that man closer to herself, she could fight against the cold hands of death.

Thus, from that day, Sabrina never let Vincent out of her sight. She followed him everywhere like a stalker.
Little did she know that, he was also carrying a burden of his own and a secret. A secret that could burn both of them.

Hi everyone, it’s a pleasure to meet you again with a new book after a long time of not writing.

I took a break from writing and only decided to come again after this really amazing story came to mind.

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