Synopsis: My Revenge to My Cheating Husband

Hadley Louise Carter was a successful cardiologist in Manhattan, renowned as one of the youngest experts in her field. In a calculated move, she agreed to marry Benedict Anderson, a flawed but wealthy man, because her parents promised to fund her investments in stocks and shares.

Their marriage lacked love, but everything changed when Hadley met Jethro Gutierrez, an intern under her supervision at the hospital.

Jethro, despite being in a relationship with Kathleen Stewart, brought an unexpected light and cheerfulness into Hadley’s life, making her believe in true love once again. However, chaos ensued when Hadley discovered her husband’s affair with Kathleen.

The situation grew even messier when she chose to shield Jethro from this truth, wanting to spare him heartbreak. Just when it seemed like the mess couldn’t get any worse, an unexpected twist occurred: Benedict realized he loved Hadley after all.

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