Synopsis: My wife is the no.1 Assasin

A certain woman flipped through a magazine, a rare hint of excitement in her cold eyes:

“Hey, husband, look, we made the same ranking.”

A certain man raised an eyebrow, “Oh, what ranking?”

“Top Ten Dream Lovers Worldwide for Women, you’re first, and I’m fifth!”


He wielded immense power, was as wealthy as a nation, and held a prestigious status, known for his ruthless and cunning nature. She was carefree and unrestrained, exuding a flirtatious and independent aura, seemingly indifferent to the world. He loved her to the core, and she cherished him down to the marrow. Two people deeply in love, destined for a perfect life.

She is one of the most famous thieves of the twenty-first century and a legendary racing queen who is unrivalled in the underworld.

She is a carefree girl who comes and goes as she pleases like the wind.

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